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deaddddd as a doornail [04 Jun 2004|08:04pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

holy shit this is dead. wow. we need to make a new community! and have it be acutally good. yeah ok i'm done bye.

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This is dead. [31 May 2004|09:00am]

[ mood | cold ]

Since no one has updated in forever, I was bored and decided to write. We need to add some more rules in here. Comment every 2 weeks (at least) because no one writes and this community is in fear fo becoming :gasp: extinct. wow. that was so random.

Moving-On Ceremony in 7!


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[04 Apr 2004|09:31pm]

[ mood | drained ]

have you guys ever tried a donut shake? well...neither had i until a few days ago. i was standing at my disgusting kitchen counter with a box of one dozen assorted krispy kreme doughnuts in one hand and a half a gallon of milk in the other. lunch. and then i saw the blender. three seconds later i was stuffing doughnuts down into the large pyrex blender cup. cinnimon jelly, chocolate glazed, boston cream, powdered- as many as i could. then i poured in as much milk as i could, secured the rubber lid, and slammed down every button on that blender.-mix, chop, puree, congeal, whatever....i watched as all the doughnuts turned into a thick and lumpy vomit-colored sludge. and then i hurled off the lid, lifted my entire concoction to my mouth, and took a sip. needless to say it was the most horrifying dose of consentrated sugar id ever tasted


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[03 Apr 2004|11:29am]

[ mood | excited ]

why hello my loves. im really bored at the moment and im at my dads house all alone and shit and yea..i think im going to the movies with marla and nate and anthony<33 today. how cool does that make me EH? lol. anywayy check out this journal for the coolest kick ass icons in the whole planet of the world.


she has the GREATEST icons ive ever seen. lol well yea. ok. ima go look at some movies times so i can be cool...toodles. love you all! jessaroo
boppin around...

your mom!!! [29 Mar 2004|05:45pm]
[ mood | curious ]

uhhh yo dawgs. :does a dance: .. ok then. lol uhhhhhhhh. yeah. this com is dead. lets make it all alive again.. =o) it will make it happppppppppy haha ok so i shall start? ok then. uhm. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. lalalalalallalalalalalala. mrs bowen sucks major ass. just thought id share that. uhmmmm. doesn't mrs waggoner remind you of a chipmunk? except.. lacking any cutness whatsoever..? lol yeah ok then i shall go return to my own journal to customize and all those goodies. if you haven't seen it just go here. rustic_dreams k i love youuuuuu <3

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[22 Feb 2004|09:05am]

[ mood | geeky ]

heyy everyone
wanted to say hello and that im bored
i want to do something today
but auntie flo
is here
yea..gotta love her.
the one and only------------>jessaroo

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woah man! [21 Feb 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

hmm.. to say some things..
`haha omg hi jesssss! lol
`this community is dead. lol i notice alot of you saying that no one has updated in a long time..

so here's my entry! wow. nothing has happened lately. lalala. i was sick friday and from what i hear i didn't miss anything but suposedly missed something fun in social studies as miss lorkus has reported.. is it possible to use the words fun and social studies together? hmm.. maybe.. another mystery! AHHH dun dun dun.. haha sorry.. im feeling a tad dorky as to say that i finally got around to making my layout [which knowing me may change very soon.. lol] and so yeah. can't you tell this day has been boring. im sure you can.. ok anyway. i just had icecream. :hyperrr: uhhhhhh. yeah. soooooo. omggggg did you know that maggie barnes drives?! like.. AROUND?! like she's driven to south mec and the arbo and all this cool sht and im like AH NO FAIR. dude. her parents let her drive and she's 13 HURUMPH. :sigh: i wanna drive. i had a dream.. that like.. i could drive and i .. DROVE.. lol and then i came back to my house and then i went back out and drove to becca's. and.. yeah. i woke up.. the end =oD. lol uhhh yeah so that's pretty random. but everyones like: "no one's updatinggggg" and then they leave. lol yayyyy i think i did that too.. yeah. haha. but so yeah. here's your entry. nothing exciting. oh wow! morgan just signed on with her awesome new sn. haha i want a new sn.. yes im sure you're sick of me getting sn's. but it's funnnn. and it's not like i get on past ones at the same time and like try to confuse you one which one im using. lol lyzzzzz.. jusplayin. but yeah.. as soon as i think of one ill post it.. but for rite now.. it's h2o melon 1O. for those who don't know. well.. i think for jess. lol idk shut up. ok anyway. ill go now so that i can think of a new one. and yes-- so there's no confusion: every time i get a new sn.. it IS safe to delete all other ones that i may have had =o) hehe for future reference. or present reference.. hmm.. yeah ok you get the point im gonna go now..! lysm!

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hey guysss [20 Feb 2004|09:14pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

heyyy whats goin on? sorry i havent updated in a while my computer has been retarded latley and it wont let me sign in to my lj name...or blurty for that matter. i just wanted to say hey and tell you that i am here and i will update when i can but my computer is down at the moment but dont worry i still love you :)

j e s s a r o n i

/p|s\ jt got me the one ring for valentines day!! it was $55!!! how insane!! i love my bop :):). bye guys!!

boppin around...

woah... [18 Feb 2004|04:19pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

woah... no one's been here in a loooooonnnngggg time ... .:clears away cobwebs:. lol. well i'm finally updating... but i have absolutely ntohing to talk about! ok well i PROMISE i shall write more later!

<33 morgan

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dude [14 Feb 2004|10:44pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

dude no one has updated =( ahh lol i gg now hey at least i updated lol just kidding whoosh! mkay i luff you guys! sorry that we didnt get to do anything today =( morgan i'll see yah tomorrow for the el projecto lol ttyl x0x-becca*

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