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have you guys ever tried a donut shake? well...neither had i until a few days ago. i was standing at my disgusting kitchen counter with a box of one dozen assorted krispy kreme doughnuts in one hand and a half a gallon of milk in the other. lunch. and then i saw the blender. three seconds later i was stuffing doughnuts down into the large pyrex blender cup. cinnimon jelly, chocolate glazed, boston cream, powdered- as many as i could. then i poured in as much milk as i could, secured the rubber lid, and slammed down every button on that blender.-mix, chop, puree, congeal, whatever....i watched as all the doughnuts turned into a thick and lumpy vomit-colored sludge. and then i hurled off the lid, lifted my entire concoction to my mouth, and took a sip. needless to say it was the most horrifying dose of consentrated sugar id ever tasted

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