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woah man!

hmm.. to say some things..
`haha omg hi jesssss! lol
`this community is dead. lol i notice alot of you saying that no one has updated in a long time..

so here's my entry! wow. nothing has happened lately. lalala. i was sick friday and from what i hear i didn't miss anything but suposedly missed something fun in social studies as miss lorkus has reported.. is it possible to use the words fun and social studies together? hmm.. maybe.. another mystery! AHHH dun dun dun.. haha sorry.. im feeling a tad dorky as to say that i finally got around to making my layout [which knowing me may change very soon.. lol] and so yeah. can't you tell this day has been boring. im sure you can.. ok anyway. i just had icecream. :hyperrr: uhhhhhh. yeah. soooooo. omggggg did you know that maggie barnes drives?! like.. AROUND?! like she's driven to south mec and the arbo and all this cool sht and im like AH NO FAIR. dude. her parents let her drive and she's 13 HURUMPH. :sigh: i wanna drive. i had a dream.. that like.. i could drive and i .. DROVE.. lol and then i came back to my house and then i went back out and drove to becca's. and.. yeah. i woke up.. the end =oD. lol uhhh yeah so that's pretty random. but everyones like: "no one's updatinggggg" and then they leave. lol yayyyy i think i did that too.. yeah. haha. but so yeah. here's your entry. nothing exciting. oh wow! morgan just signed on with her awesome new sn. haha i want a new sn.. yes im sure you're sick of me getting sn's. but it's funnnn. and it's not like i get on past ones at the same time and like try to confuse you one which one im using. lol lyzzzzz.. jusplayin. but yeah.. as soon as i think of one ill post it.. but for rite now.. it's h2o melon 1O. for those who don't know. well.. i think for jess. lol idk shut up. ok anyway. ill go now so that i can think of a new one. and yes-- so there's no confusion: every time i get a new sn.. it IS safe to delete all other ones that i may have had =o) hehe for future reference. or present reference.. hmm.. yeah ok you get the point im gonna go now..! lysm!
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